[rt-users] Enoch Root via RT (???)

Hadad hadad at brturbo.com
Wed Sep 25 22:28:29 EDT 2002

Hello Chris,

Wednesday, September 25, 2002, 9:30:21 PM, you wrote:

CD> On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Hadad wrote:

CD> Less kiddingly, our install of RT only does that with activity driven
CD> from the command line; tickets managed over the web or by email have
CD> non-fictional names. Are you seeing Enoch for all transactions?

I not use RT from command line, only by web/mail.

But, if "tickets managed over the web or by email have non-fictional
names", this "Enoch...." must be in some place.... but I can't find

This "Enoch" appears in messages that status was changed.
When a new ticket is open, in auto-reply message, Enoch not appears.

Hadad                            mailto:hadad at brturbo.com

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