[rt-users] Enoch Root via RT (???)

darren chamberlain darren at boston.com
Thu Sep 26 09:22:39 EDT 2002

* Chris Devers <cdevers at boston.com> [2002-09-25 20:33]:
> On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Hadad wrote:
> > In messages sent by RT appears:
> >
> > From: "Enoch Root via RT" <myqueuename at mydomain.com>
> >
> > Where I can edit ""Enoch Root via RT" ????
> Less kiddingly, our install of RT only does that with activity driven
> from the command line; tickets managed over the web or by email have
> non-fictional names. Are you seeing Enoch for all transactions?

Hey, wait, are you saying that Enoch Root *doesn't* work here?


If you think you know what the hell is going on you're probably
full of shit.
    -- Robert Anton Wilson

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