[rt-users] Web Interface displays as code

Forrest Stanley fstanley at netburner.com
Fri Sep 27 12:10:36 EDT 2002

At 04:49 PM 11/26/2002 +0000, Jamie Crookes wrote:
>Hi There,
>Can anyone help with this little problem. I am sure it is something 
>simple, maybe permissions problem, but, when I go to the RT url it 
>displays the page below as code. I have compiled in mod_perl to apache 
>1.3.26 and all went well, all module deps were also met with make fixdeps 
>and make testdeps reports nothing out of place.
>See Beow:----
><& /Elements/Header, Title=>"Start page", Refresh => 
>$session{'home_refresh_interval'} &> <& /Elements/Tabs, current_toptab => 
>'' &>
><& /Elements/CustomHomepageHeader, %ARGS &> <& /Elements/MyTickets &>
><& /Elements/MyRequests &> <& /Elements/Quicksearch &>
><& /Elements/Refresh, Name => 'HomeRefreshInterval', Default => $session 
>{'home_refresh_interval'} &>
><%init> if ($ARGS{'HomeRefreshInterval'}) { 
>$session{'home_refresh_interval'} = $ARGS{'HomeRefreshInterval'}; }
>Advice greatly appreciated.
>Jamie Crookes

I believe that your HTML-Mason is not working correctly. It should be 
parsing your HTML for you. I had this same problem. CPAN upgrades your 
PERL, but leaves the old version on the system. (I had 5.6.0 and it 
upgraded to 5.8.0) Because of this, any dependency that was installed 
before the CPAN usage (HTML-Mason and a couple others) were installed to 
Perl 5.6.0, while everything after the installation was installed to 5.8.0. 
Check to see if that is your problem. 

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