[rt-users] Attachments sent from RT are 'inline'

Lynoure Rajamäki lynoure at otaverkko.fi
Thu Jan 2 01:40:04 EST 2003

On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 21:24, Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> I've implemented the 'NotifyWithAttachments' ScripAction, but for some reason, 
> the attachments always have the Content-Disposition set to 'inline' instead 
> of 'attachment' like the Scrip says it should.  Anybody experience this 
> problem before?  Relevent version numbers are below:

If you mean you have your own implementation, I cannot help you. But if
you have just installed the implementation in contrib, it's vaguely
buggy and fails to set Content-Type for the first part (transaction
text). This confuses some mail programs.

If you wish, I can send our modified NotifyWithAttachment to you. 

Lynoure Rajamäki
lynoure at otaverkko.fi

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