[rt-users] Attachments sent from RT are 'inline'

Lynoure Rajamäki lynoure at otaverkko.fi
Fri Jan 3 02:08:10 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 16:09, Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> Yes, I'm using the one from the contrib area.  Would you mind attaching it to 
> the list so everyone can benefit?

Ok, though my version is by no means perfect either (I took the shortcut
and set Content-Type to fit our needs, and it's not right for all other
character sets). Also, I am very new to perl...

Lynoure Rajamäki
lynoure at otaverkko.fi
lynoure at tuug.fi
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# Includes transaction attachments in email sent out.
# Author: Staffan Larsen (staffan_larsen at appeal_se (replace all _))
# Idea: Jesse Vincent (jesse at bestpractical.com)
# some changes by Lynoure Rajamaki (lynoure at tuug.fi)

package RT::Action::NotifyWithAttachment;
require RT::Action::SendEmail;
require RT::Action::Notify;
@ISA = qw(RT::Action::Notify);

# {{{ sub Prepare

=head2 Prepare

    From email from Jesse:
        calls SUPER::Prepare. 

        if that returns true, iterate through
        $self->TransactionObj->Attachments and add them to

        (TransactionObj is an RT::Transaction object which already has
        all of this transaction.s attachments already attached.
        MIMEObj is a MIME::Entity.)   


sub Prepare {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->SUPER::Prepare() || return 0;

  my $attachments = $self->TransactionObj->Attachments;

#If you want to track what's going on, use the line below.
#  $RT::Logger->debug($self->TemplateObj->MIMEObj->stringify);

#Entity is made multipart so that we can get rid of the body 
#and make sure that it will behave nicely with the attachments

#We'll delete all of the parts to get rid of the body
  @keep = ();

#Adding the ex-body manually
  my $textpart = $self->TransactionObj->Content;

  $RT::Logger->debug("$self: Attaching transaction content.\n");

#Your encoding might vary.
  $self->TemplateObj->MIMEObj->attach(Data => $textpart,
                                      Type => "text/plain",
                                      Encoding => "8bit",
                                      Disposition => "inline");

  my $cnt = $attachments->Count;
  my $toaddcnt = $cnt-2;
  if ($toaddcnt < 0) {
	$toaddcnt = 0}; 
  $RT::Logger->debug("$self: Adding $toaddcnt atts.\n");

  # skip the first one, it is already attached
  # Why do I have to skip two?

  while (my $message=$attachments->Next) {
      next unless ($message->Content);

      my $fname = $message->Filename;
      $fname =~ s/.*(\\|\/)//g;
      $RT::Logger->debug("$self: Adding attachment $fname.\n");

      $self->TemplateObj->MIMEObj->attach(Data => $message->Content,
					  Type => $message->ContentType,
					  Encoding => 'base64',
					  Description => $fname,
					  Disposition => 'attachment',
					  Filename => $fname);

  return 1;

# }}}


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