[rt-users] Selfservice Display error

Seth Cohn, EFN General Manager gm at efn.org
Sun Jan 5 02:39:56 EST 2003

I'm in the midst of majoring tweaking up an RT instance... and discovering
all of the cool addons and also learning the features & quirks of it all.  
RT rocks!

I installed Jesse's autopassword template which is nice because it
will allow users to get a autogenerated password, which makes web status
checking possible easily and quickly.

So I logged on and it works nicely in selfservice mode, with a few notable

1) SelfService/Update.html allows status changing (a dropdown box) even if
it's not valid.  I just commented out the Status section and that works
well.  Since they can't change it, it's fine.

2) SelfService/Create.html works fine, but once the user submits, the
Display.html code runs, and they get an error: No permission to view the

Except once they click on the Open Tickets, they can see it.

Looks like a timing issue or something... Like it's not processing the
ticket before it tries to display the Transaction.  Removing the code
below, it still doesn't show the Transaction, though the rest of the
settings do display.

Permissions: Requestor can Show Ticket, Everyone can 
	CreateTicket, ReplyToTicket, SeeQueue

Code is:

unless ($session{'CurrentUser'}->HasQueueRight ( TicketObj => $Ticket,
                                                Right => 'ShowTicket')) {
    $m->comp('Error.html', Why => "No permission to display that ticket");

Minor bug, I think.

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