[rt-users] 100's of duplicate database queries? postgresql

Tarragon Allen tarragon at onthe.net.au
Sun Jan 5 21:59:02 EST 2003


I'm presently trying to determine why our version of RT is running so slow. At 
first we thought it was because the system it was running on was 
underpowered, however I've just moved it across to a new high powered machine 
and it's still running dog slow.

Debian (woody, with some updates to sarge as required)
RT 2.0.14
Postgres 7.1.2

I've checked the indexes on the database, they seem fine. I've run VACUUM and 
so forth, no effect. I notice that when a page is loaded postgresql takes up 
about 80% of the CPU. I turned on debugging to try and determine what 
postgresql is doing, and it appears to be making duplicate queries, in the 
order of 100's of them, for a simple "view ticket" click. The duplicates look 
like this :

SELECT  * FROM Watchers WHERE lower(Type) = 'cc' AND lower(Scope) = 'queue' 
AND Value = '2' AND Owner = '13'

The database in question holds maybe 5500 tickets in total, and at present 
takes about 9 seconds to display a ticket, which just doesn't seem right for 
a dual P-III 1.1ghz, 1.8gb ram system running scsi/raid.

Any suggestions?

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