[rt-users] LDAP auth: should I still create the users in RT even if I use WebExternalAuth?

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 6 09:17:21 EST 2003

--- Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at nic.fr> wrote:
> rtimportldap.pl --server ldap.eureg.org \
>         --binddn 'cn=backup,dc=eureg,dc=eu' --bindpw verysecret \
>         --basedn 'dc=eureg,dc=eu' --groupadd EUreg \
>         --filter '(objectClass=posixAccount)' | grep -v 'Updating user'

Be noted, that the next verion of rtimportldap (when Andi Hofmeister
finds time to test it in non-Microsoft environment) will 
not print "Updating user". It will print "Changing..." when something 
is changed only. 

or, shall I publish it as-is?...


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