[rt-users] Can two unique instances of RT share the same database?

Jeff Holst jeffholst at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 8 00:34:57 EST 2003

Thanks Seph.  Just to clarify my two unique installations of RT using a 
shared database are installed and fully operational.  I've already confirmed 
this appears to work fine on the surface.  I just want to make sure there 
aren't any known gotchas with a configuration of this type.  I forgot about 
the mailgateway and command line clients essentially doing the same thing so 
it sounds like everything should be fine.  I presume RT must have some type 
of table locking to prevent database corruption from multiple users with 
even just one instance of RT.  I'm just hoping this applies to two instances 
of RT as well.


>From: seph <seph at commerceflow.com>
>To: "Jeff Holst" <jeffholst at hotmail.com>
>CC: rt-users at lists.fsck.com
>Subject: Re: [rt-users] Can two unique instances of RT share the same 
>Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 20:54:31 -0800
>I don't see why it wouldn't work. realize that the mailgateway and
>command line clients both talk to the db directly. Having another web
>interface should be fine. (of course, I haven't ever tried)
>"Jeff Holst" <jeffholst at hotmail.com> writes:
> > I have two unique installations of RT running on one server.  Each
> > uses it's own RT code base, and has a dedicated apache server
> > listening on different ports.  The one commonality between these two
> > instances of RT is that they point to the same mysql database.  I'm
> > doing this because each of the RT instances has it's own look and feel
> > as well as handles authorization differently.  Both instances of RT
> > need access to the same queues and tickets, however.  Has anyone had
> > any success or failures with a similar setup? Are there any better
> > suggestions how to go about this?  I suppose I could have duplicate
> > copies of my database that I syncronize somehow on the backend, but I
> > don't know if this is necessary.  The only real concern I have with my
> > installation is I don't know how database locking is handled and if
> > there is a possibility of database corruption if both instances are
> > writting the same information at the same time.  Any help would
> > greatly be appreciated.
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