[rt-users] What happened after reboot

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Sat Jan 11 16:44:02 EST 2003

On 10 Jan 2003, Bobby Wrenn wrote privately:

> On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 02:41, Bruce Campbell wrote:
> > On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Bobby Wrenn wrote:
> >
> > > executing:
> > > --------------
> > > [root at bigbird bwrenn]# /usr/local/rt2/bin/webmux.pl
> > > /usr/local/rt2/bin/webmux.pl: use: command not found
> >
> > eh?
> >
> > Does webmux.pl have a #! line as the very first line, pointing to a valid
> > version of perl on your system?
> No it did not. I put it in and there was no change. If it needs to be
> there why is not documented?

I'm suspecting that there is a misunderstanding about what you think
webmux.pl is used for.  This file is used by Apache to run the RT web
interface, and under normal circumstances, executing webmux.pl outside
Apache doesn't 'do' anything (unless there is an error in that file).
Putting the '#!/path/to/perl' magic at the top merely makes making this
check slightly easier.

In your original message, you quoted an Apache error message that referred
you to the Apache error log.  As such, is there anything useful in that
log?  Quite possibly, you have a permissions problem (in that the user
running Apache cannot read the RT configuration file/libraries ).

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