[rt-users] automatically adding new email tickets to a specific queue based on sender email-address

Stefan Seiz TalkLists at index-s.de
Mon Jan 13 03:04:57 EST 2003

On 11.01.2003 14:45 Uhr, "Ray Thompson" <rthompson at interpublic.com> wrote:

> Probably not what you're looking for but we have a perl script that compare=
> s the sender to our directory and sets the queue based on the ou of the use=
> r.  If that person's not in our directory then the ticket is placed in the =
> "General" queue.
> /etc/mail/aliases:
> support: "|/opt/rt2/bin/pickque"
> /opt/rt2/bin/pickque:
> #!/usr/bin/perl

Not exactly what i wished for, but a very handy script indeed. I'll sure
keep it around. Thanks!

Seems for the time being, i do the FROM address filtering already on my
mailserver (CommuniGatePro) which has a powerful rules system which will
then launch the RT commandline-tool with the propper --queue. I just wanted
to avoid having yet another 10 rules within my mailserver...

Thanks again.

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