[rt-users] Emailing owner on assigning task for request tracker

Dion Gullotta diong at faredge.com.au
Tue Jan 14 19:00:09 EST 2003

Hi all

Does anyone know of a Scrip that send's an email to the owner when they get
assigned a ticket? Right now our users have to login to RT every 5 mins to
check if they have any jobs. It would be easier if they got emailed when the
ticket was assigned to them.

Does anyone know of a Scrip that does this? Even something that calls
another Scrip so I can use the existing email function, for example "On
assign owner do.." and then I can tell it to send an email.

Any ideas?


Dion Gullotta
Far Edge Technology

p. 02 99553640
f. 02 99547994

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