[rt-users] Variables available in templates

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Tue Jan 14 19:48:06 EST 2003

Well well, fancy seeing you here. :-)

Andrew Pollock wrote:
> I've had a quick skim of the documentation and the FAQ, but I can't find a 
> list of variables available for use in templates jumping out at me 
> anywhere...

There's not. :-(

> Perhaps a good candidate for the FAQ?

Now it's been asked three times, I guess so. ;) The following is
now at


but if anyone can improve on it, feel free :-)

Bearing in mind that most things can be referenced starting at

$Ticket       (the ticket object itself)
$Transaction  (the object for THIS transaction)

and that these are RT::Ticket and RT::Transaction objects with
associated pod and man pages, it's usually pretty simple to
find a method that returns what you want. You also have access
to the variables in the RT:: scope, for example: $RT::WebURL.

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