[rt-users] trouble installing RT2 (continued)

Will Williams will at willardjwilliams.com
Thu Jan 16 01:41:18 EST 2003

I am almost there.  I copied the patch to rt2 directory. and ran the 
commands below as you indicated.  I get the error

"Hmm... I can't seem to find a patch in there anywhere"

I then tried renaming the patch "patch-* as suggested in the FreeBSD 
Porter's Handbook...still no dice. Then created a separate directory 
containing nothing but the various named versions of the patch; this didn't 
work either.  Am I forgetting something?



At 04:15 PM 1/15/03 +1000, Phil Homewood wrote:
>W. J. Williams wrote:
> > Thanks for the info from Vince and Phil, how do I apply this patch?  I
> > tried copying to rt2 directory and then running it with sh...sure I am
> > doing something wrong as it did not work.  You're really helping a newbie
> > out here.
>cd /usr/ports/www/rt2
>patch < /path/to/rt2-port-patch
>make install
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