[rt-users] Multi-tier RT

Andrew Pollock andrew-rt at andrew.net.au
Thu Jan 16 23:44:47 EST 2003


I'm investigating the possibilities of splitting out bits of RT onto 
different hosts, for security purposes.

I figure it's trivial to run the database on a separate host to the Web 
UI/mailgate, but is it possible to run the mailgate on a separate host to 
the UI?

My impression of the way attachments are handled by the mailgate is they 
get split out onto the local filesystem, so the UI would need to be on the 
same host (or you'd need to remotely mount part of the mailgate host's 
filesystem onto the UI host (which I don't want to do)).

So in terms of multi-tiering, is separating the database from the 
UI/mailgate about the end of it?


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