[rt-users] time delay in the queue

Seth Cohn, EFN General Manager gm at efn.org
Fri Jan 17 18:50:14 EST 2003

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Anshuman Kanwar wrote:

> >From what I could gather this runs a nightly check and increments the
> priorities. Right ? I am looking for something that escalates in the order
> of 15-20 minutes. Maybe I should roll my own ...

It exists:


It won't trigger the IfPriorityExceed scripts though (sadly)
because it's bypassing RT and doing it directly in the database.
Can anyone suggest a fix for this?

This can runs as often as you like (every 15-20) minutes...

If you really just want a "every 15-20 minutes, look for tickets that
nobody's touched and complain about them", I'd just use a cron job, with a
simple RT query and if any exist, email whomever.

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