[rt-users] How to specify multiple cc's at ticket creation?

seph seph at commerceflow.com
Sun Jan 19 20:50:07 EST 2003

>> Use commas. The standard email address separator.
> When I use commas, RT seems to be able to recognize only one
> user.  (The rest are just "email address"es even if they are
> also existing users.) Would this be a bug, or is there something
> I was still doing wrong?

This sounds like a bug. Playing with one of my 2.0.x servers (I think
it's running 2.0.13) I can reproduce this behavior. Investigating a
bit, I find that rt is choking on the space between the comma and the
username. That is "userA, userB" fails while "userA,userB"

In ticket/create.html change the relevant lines to 

    my @Requestors = split ( /,/, $ARGS{'Requestors'} );
    my @Cc         = split ( /,/, $ARGS{'Cc'} );
    my @AdminCc    = split ( /,/, $ARGS{'AdminCc'} );

I haven't tested it, but I believe it's what rt3 uses.

It's also worth noting that the cc fields are by email address, not
username. So if you're username are different than your email
addresses, be careful.


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