[rt-users] No reply mail for the ticker requestor

Erik Wasser erik.wasser at iquer.net
Mon Jan 20 17:07:16 EST 2003


I got a problem with a newly installed rt-2.0.15. If somebody (ticket 
owner) responds to a ticket, there is no reply message for the 
requestor. The auto response for a new ticket is working fine.

I've checked the following things:

[x] I used to different person/e-mail adresses.
[x] /var/log/maillog shows no(!) sign of an outgoing mail.

Then I modified the code in '/rt2/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm'. At the 
beginning of the routine 'Commit' I dumped via 
"Dumper($self->TemplateObj->MIMEObj->head);" to a logfile. Here's the 

$VAR1 = bless( {
	'mail_hdr_list' => [
		'Subject: [company.net #89] test',
		'From: "Erik Wasser via RT" <help-unix at company.net>',
		'Reply-To: help-unix at company.net',
		'In-Reply-To: <rt-89 at company.net>',
		'Message-ID: <rt-89-338.7.08217661043825 at company.net>',
		'Precedence: bulk',
		'X-RT-Loop-Prevention: company.net',
		'RT-Ticket: company.net #89',
		'Managed-by: RT 2.0.15 (http://bestpractical.com/rt/)',
		'RT-Originator: fuzz at company.net'
	[...useless MIME::Head stuff...]
   }, 'MIME::Head' );

You see, there is no "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" field. Is that okay? This is 
the reason why RT2 is sending no mail, but why is there no "To" field? 

Ideas? Comment? B-)

Thanks for your help.

So long... Erik Wasser

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