[rt-users] (Netscape 4.x) replying to correspondence is blank

Mike Patterson map at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Jan 22 16:52:11 EST 2003

2 Questions.

Question 1:
Many of our clients use Netscape 4.7x on Windows and some on Solaris 7/8
to correspond with our RT queue.

We've noticed odd behavior when a client replies to messages sent by RT 
using Netscape 4.7x/4.8x Windows/Solaris.  The message appears blank 
rather than quoting the original message in the reply.

(scrips: "OnCreate AutoReply with template autoreply" or "OnCorrespond 
NotifyAllWatchers with template Correspondence". server: RT 2.0.15 on 

Other clients we've tried (Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 7.x, Pine, and 
Outlook2000) do not exhibit this behavior.

Can anyone else replicate this?  Any work arounds (other than asking all 
of our clients to upgrade their email client)?

Question 2:
How do I make the person who is CC'd on the orignal requestors email 
get correspondence on the ticket (e.g. they automatically assume a 
requestor/watcher status throughout the life of the ticket).  I'm sure 
this has been asked before but no luck finding in RT/FM or searching 
this list.


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