[rt-users] Safely removing all 'DEAD' tickets

THAUVIN Blaise (Dir. Informatique FRP) bthauvin at clearchannel.fr
Wed Jan 22 17:01:13 EST 2003

Hi Dave,
I think I have found one case where the script can corrupt the database. I
used it before trying to upgrade a database from RT2 to RT3 and it made the
import fail.
I had ticket A in my database marked as depending on ticket B. This appears
in table "links"
Ticket B is now marked as "solved"
Ticket A has been deleted. I guess it was marked as "DEAD"
The inconsistency is in the "links" database. The link between tickets A and
B is not removed. It probably shouldn't anyway. It now points to a non
existing ticket A.
In this situation, it would probably be better not to delete ticket A.
In a functionning RT2 database, this inconsistency does not seem to have any
negative effects. Only one ticket was involved in my system.
> See below.  This script was based on Steve Poirier's 'cleanup' script, but

> has been modified to kill what I am calling 'Crazy' tickets -- ones that 
> for whatever reason have gotten >200 transactions associated with them 
> (this would never happen naturally in our environment, YMMV).  
> Also kills 'dead' tickets as well as optimizes all the tables. I run this 
> twice a day.
> Dave

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