[rt-users] Modify ticket

Laurent Vaills laurent.vaills at dms.at
Fri Jan 24 05:15:44 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 06:28, Phil Homewood wrote:
> kh es wrote:
> > But I tried to give the user OwnTicket right without Modifyticket right,
> > but he get permission denied ?
> OwnTicket gives him the right to own a ticket, in the sense that
> the ticket may be owned by him. It does not give him the permission
> to modify the ownership of the ticket -- for that, he does require
> ModifyTicket (I believe.)

I believe it 's like that. So I we do not have the right ModifyTicket
the buttons Open, Resolve, Take or Steal (all the actions that modify
the ticket) should not de displayed when we see a ticket we do not own.

My company do not want to allow all the users to be able to modify all
tickets, but we want to allow people that take (not steal) some tickets.
Any suggestions ?


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