[rt-users] Re: (Netscape 4.x) replying to correspondence is blank

Mike Patterson map at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Jan 24 13:21:10 EST 2003

Thanks for the tips (ParseNewMessageForTicketCCs worked)!
But I'm still having a the Netscape Header problem.

Upon further investigation RT is dropping the "Message-ID" header for 
some reason.  Note this only happens on my production server (RT 2.0.15 
- FreeBSD), both of my test RT systems do not exhibit this behavior. 
Judging from the comments, it is probably because I have multiple scrips 
for a ticket notifying different people.

Including: OnCreate AutoReplySquelch with template help_eecs_autoreply, 
OnCreate NotifyAllWatchersAsComment with template Correspondence, and 
OnCorrespond NotifyAllWatchers with template Correspondence.

Could someone please give suggest a different format for the SendEmail.pm?

I'm under pressure to quickly get this fixed (exact format if possible 
I'm not confident on converting this 
"rt-ticket#-transaction#-scrip#-receipient#" into the correct syntax, 


Relevant section from /path/to/rt2/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm

# {{{ sub SetMessageID

# Without this one, threading won't work very nice in email agents.
# Anyway, I'm not really sure it's that healthy if we need to send
# several separate/different emails about the same transaction.

sub SetMessageID {
   my $self = shift;

   # TODO this one might be sort of broken.  If we have several scrips 
+++  # sending several emails to several different persons, we need to
   # pull out different message-ids.  I'd suggest message ids like
   # "rt-ticket#-transaction#-scrip#-receipient#"

     ('Message-ID', "<rt-".$self->TicketObj->id().
      $self->TransactionObj->id()."." .rand(20) . 
       unless $self->TemplateObj->MIMEObj->head->get('Message-ID');

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