[rt-users] 2.1.63, Couldn't create a ticket

Harald Zielstorff harald.zielstorff at oekostadt.de
Thu Jan 30 13:27:28 EST 2003


we've installed RT 2.1.63 on SUSE8. We can open teh WebUI und can create
queues, users and so on, but we couldn't create a ticket. 

In the Log this messages are written:
[Thu Jan 30 17:25:05 2003] [warning]: Transaction->Create couldn't, as
you didn't specify a ticket id (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Ticket_Overlay.pm:3682)
[Thu Jan 30 17:25:05 2003] [error]: Ticket couldn't be created:
[Thu Jan 30 17:25:05 2003] [error]: WebRT: Ticket konnte aufgrund eines
internen Fehlers nicht angelegt werden ()

What's wrong?


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