[rt-users] Hiding keywords/Making transparent to Non-Privileged users

Tom Stephenson Tom.Stephenson at audiumcorp.com
Mon Jan 6 19:57:57 EST 2003


My org. wants keywords to be treated like comments -- all keyword
content should only viewable by privaleged users.

I've already removed the appropriate code from /SelfService/Display.html
so that keywords aren't displayed in the SelfService Web Interface but
am having a trouble preventing them from showing up in the SelfService
audit trail.

One fix would appear to be to change the transaction Type stored in the
Transation table when adding a Keyword from 'Keyword' to 'Comment'.
However, I'm unclear as to the adverse effects of having all future
interaction with the keyword transaction as as a comment.  

Alternatively some logic could be created so that
/SelfService/Display.html and the corresponding perl treat transactions
of type 'Keyword' like 'Comments'  -- ie not printing them in the
selfservice view ... (perhaps exclude transactions of type 'keyword'
from being captured by the select query run by Display.html)

In any case, I'm not quite sure which file has the logic for
Display.html or Modify.html (the screen where you add keywords) to make
these changes in.  Can someone point me in the right direction or
suggest an alternate method?


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