[rt-users] date in ISO format?

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Thu Apr 8 17:40:23 EDT 2004

Have you ever received an answer to this or resolved it ?
I'd also appreciate on option to set ALL date output to ISO, I'm using mysql.

BTW: although only few people seem to care this is also the recommended way by several standards organisation besides ISO in Europe,
defined as EN 28 601.


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I'd really like dates to be presented in a format useful for Swedes, i.e.
`2004-01-14 12:15' (almost ISO).

Can I set this easily in RT. Using postgresql, I would just do "set 
datestyle='ISO'", and it's the standard setting for postgres, so apparently 
RT does something to get it different?

I use postgresql-7.4.1


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