[rt-users] RT Won't send email

Ian Watkins watkinsig at ornl.gov
Thu Apr 1 10:03:46 EST 2004

I've just installed RT v. 3.0.9, and everything seemed to go smoothly.

However, RT will not send email.  I've traced the problem in apache's
logs to:


The log error is:

[error]: error:    unexpected end of header

error:    couldn't parse head; error near:
Testing e-mail


The text of the email is always quoted, and it is always sent in plain

A ticket is always created, and the scrips are set up to send email to
AdminCcs on create.

CPAN reports that the version of MIME::Parser is current & correct, and
the perl script that checks RT's dependencies reports 0 errors.

We're running apache 1.3.7 with mod_perl1 and a recent mysql build.

Ian Watkins

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