[rt-users] selecting tickets from queue

Dave Dennis dmd at speakeasy.org
Thu Apr 1 12:31:48 EST 2004

I perhaps didnt explain.

Will try:

we have already a list of tickets, displayed on the Search/Listing.html page.

Out of those, there is no *one unifying theme* to select.

We then want to be able to go down the list and click, that one, skip these 3,
that one, that one.

Then update those.

The "Refine search" doesn't help, because there are no unifying themes in the
tickets we need to update all at once.

We definitely would find it helpful to be able to specify by means of a radio
button along-side each line in the Listing.html output. Refine search only works
if every ticket has a word, phrase, sender, ip address, *something* you can
group them together by.  If there's no unifying theme ... then one has to open
tickets individually.  Which defeats the purpose.

This is a high volume queue, with a percentage of tickets that are appropriate
only for autoresponding.  There is no way to click-button those tickets
together, and mass-close ... if there is no way to Refine search to get to them.

Which might not sound like much, but we are handling 100+ tickets a day,
selecting out perhaps 40 that need additional handling, and need to pick all the
ones we just want to close/autorespond to out of the rest.  There's no way to do
that, currently.

Thanks.. does that make sense hopefully?

+ Dave Dennis
+ Seattle, WA
+ dmd at speakeasy.org
+ http://www.dmdennis.com

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Cerion Armour-Brown wrote:

> On Thursday 01 April 2004 03:11, Dave Dennis wrote:
> > Dear List,
> >
> > Is there a way to go to a queue, display N tickets, then select manually
> > the tickets from the queue for processing?
> Yep:
> Tickets -> Search -> Queue is 'Xyz' -> 'Search'...
>  -> 'Update all these tickets at once'
> Now just de/select the tickets you want.
> Cerion
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