[rt-users] Problems with extracting Ticket test to RTFM

Per Kristiansen per at gathering.org
Fri Apr 2 06:09:37 EST 2004

Fedora RC1

been running RT2 for a while and recently switched over to RT3.
(btw..love it :)

Used to use StockAnswer with some heavy modifications, but was
never really happy with it.

Found out about RTFM and LOVE the concept..instal went smooth..

Created an Article
Created a TextSingle Customfield
Attached the CustomField to the Article
Gave everyone every rights to the Article & CustomField

Tried use the Extract function..no go.

It picks up the subject of the ticket..but not the body.

went in and got a log file of the error..it's a bit..huge..
so I'll put it up as a link instead of attaching it

the two crit's i get is:
[Fri Apr  2 10:17:06 2004] [crit]: Trying to check RT::FM::Class rights for an unspecified RT::FM::Class (/home/rt3/lib/RT/Principal_Overlay.pm:355)
[Fri Apr  2 10:17:06 2004] [crit]: Trying to check RT::FM::Article rights for an unspecified RT::FM::Article (/home/rt3/lib/RT/Principal_Overlay.pm:355)

Can anyone shed som light in this please?
I would LOVE to get RTFM to work.

Per Kristiansen
per at gathering.org

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