[rt-users] custom condition

Bauer, Felix bauer at dmsb.de
Fri Apr 2 08:06:24 EST 2004


I'm a bit stuck with my scrip. maybe I'm missing the docs or they r too
thin (only had a look in the wiki, ML and the pdf).
I'd like to have a scrip which sends an email to the requestor if the
status changed to open (only for open). Since I have no
idea where to put that condition, I thought about the custom condition
(sounds right imho) and tried 

condition: 		On Status Change
custom condition:	
	if ($Transaction->NewValue ne 'open') {
	 # well, here should be something that stops this scrip from
action:			autoreply
stage:			TransactionCreate
vorlage:		global template: status change

but I just don't know how to stop the scrip from processing. I tried
different returnvalues, exit-codes but I always
get the emails for every status change.

please point me to a piece of docs where I can read _more_ about
scrip-coding or maybe a small hint for current


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