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Paul Barmaksezian Paul.Barmaksezian at Overture.com
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(I think we're supposed to respond to the whole list so others can see the results or help out :)

I haven't seen a response to this (or my other questions).  But I think I may have a solution:
I copied share/html/Elements/MyTickets (which is where the top X tickets code goes) to my local directory.  I then modified it to add the field.  Turns out it's not too complicated.  Within my table field, I added this line (saw the code somewhere else):

<%$Ticket->FirstCustomFieldValue ('Business Priority')%>

Change 'Business Priority' to 'SubQueue' and it should work for you.  Just a little html and that statement did the trick.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to sort on this field yet, but that was secondary for me ...


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Any luck yet? I have a CF called "SubQueue" that I want to go underneath
"Queue" in the ticket list rather than the current "Last Contact". I
haven't yet figured out which file I need to customize or just how.

I started with this

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 09:04, Paul Barmaksezian wrote:
> I would like to put a custom field as part of the "X highest priority
> tickets I own ..." section on the at a glance page.  Each ticket will
> have this custom field filled in.  Not sure where to start ... Any
> suggestions on how to get a custom field on the main page?
> Paul
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