[rt-users] "On Reply" conditions

Chris Ridd chris.ridd at isode.com
Sun Apr 4 12:59:05 EDT 2004

The workflow I'm looking to emulate using RT causes emails from customers to
our support address to either create a new case or change an existing case
to an 'open' state.

This works pretty well with the default templates and scrips in RT 3.0.10.

The missing bit of the puzzle is that replies from support (which cc the
support address) should change the case state to a 'pending' state.

The equivalent to this 'pending' state seems to be RT's 'stalled' state,
which I can live with. (Is it easy to extend the ticket states?)

However where I'm stuck is that the draft RT3 manual describes some
conditions etc, but these don't appear to exist in RT. Specifically, the "On
Reply" condition would seem to be the one I'm looking for.

I had a quick look at creating my own conditions, but didn't find the right
bit of POD to tell me how to get email addresses out of transactions.

Should I be looking at writing my own conditions, or is the "On reply"
condition actually around somewhere that I simply can't see?



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