[rt-users] How can I send an AutoReply when Incident Created to Incident Report Requestor?

Marc Boix mboix at cesca.es
Mon Apr 5 07:11:15 EDT 2004

Hi guys!

I'm trying to send an AutoReply message to an Incident Report's Requestor
only when an Incident Ticket is Created for referenciate it.
Much clear:
	- Toto send me a mail with its problem
      - I don't AutoReply when its Incident Report ticket is created
	- After, I think than Toto's request is important, so I create an Incident
	- Here, I want to send an AutoReply to Toto (but he is requestor of
Incident Report ticket, not Incident)
(I must also to do something when the Incident is linked, but first I would
like resolve the create)

I've googled and I found this thread in RT User
List(http://lists.fsck.com/pipermail/rt-users/2004-February/020986.html) but
isn't at all than I need.
I want to do something dynamic but without change the source code, like:
	Scrip 'AutoReplyToIncidentsReporters'
	Queue 'Incident'
	Condition 'On Create'
	Action 'Custom'
		Pre  - Search the linked Incident Report
		     - Call Scrip AutoReply for Incident Report
		Post '1'
	Template 'Blank'

Is it possible?

If not by this way may be with this other. I made a Template like:
  {# ------------------------------------------------------------------- #
  my $incidentreport;
  my $members = $self->TicketObj->Members;
  while (my $link = $members->Next) {
    my $member= $link->BaseObj;
    if ($member->QueueObj->Name eq 'Incident Reports') {
      $incidentreport = $member;
 # ------------------------------------------------------------------- #}
 Subject: Resposta Automàtica/AutoReply: {$incidentreport->Subject}


Now, I can to use the normal ScripAction 'AutoReply to Requestors', but How
can I to set the $incidentreport->Requestors in the $Ticket->Requestors?? If
it isn't, the mail isn't send because the Incident Ticket Requestors is

Thanks a lot,
Best regards from BCN (remember, Forum 2004 is going to start)


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