[rt-users] Using Priority to send email pages

Kogami, Bruce bkogami at randmcnally.com
Mon Apr 5 19:53:52 EDT 2004


Thanks for the tip. I'll start with the cron job and work my way into creating a custom field.


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#include <std_disclaimer.h>

Hey Bruce,

There are a number of ways to do that.  Prolly the easiest way is to
have your cron job limit on status = new and priority >= 10.  Then when
it pages the admin, have it change the status to open.

That or use a custom field to mark it 'page sent' or something like

You could use something like:

my $Tickets = new RT::Tickets($RT::SystemUser);
$Tickets->LimitQueue(VALUE => 'myqueuename');
$Tickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => 'new');

while (my $Ticket = $Tickets->Next) {
    if ($Ticket->Priority >= 10) {
        # send a page here

        # send only one page

You could always get extra fancy and use 2way pagers and have the admin
'take the ticket' to cause it to stop paging and escalate every X
minutes to another admin, but that's beyond the scope of this email :)

Hope that helps,

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On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 01:51:05PM -0700, Kogami, Bruce wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wanted to find out if anyone?s done this before or if it?s even
> possible.
> My users send help requests to a general queue and they are able to
> set priority levels when submitting a ticket.
> Normally, the users will send the ticket in with the default priority
> level 0.
> If a user has an emergency where all of production is down, I?d like
> them to create a ticket with a priority level 10. When they submit the
> ticket, it sends admin a copy of the email and an email page is also
> sent out.
> At first, I was thinking about doing some kind of cron and check the
> priority levels in the queue but I don?t want the paging to continue
> every time the cron is run so the best solution would be when the
> ticket is first submitted.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this?
> Thanks,
> Bruce

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