[Rt-users] Help with Reports

phillip phillip at reportstar.net
Thu Apr 15 09:15:23 EDT 2004

yes u are right I will do it myself but the thing is I don't know which field 
contains the requesters name?

On Thursday 15 April 2004 09:06 am, Helmut Lichtenberg wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 09:00:37AM -0400, phillip wrote:
> > Thanks that solves half of my problem so how do I get the requstor name
> > into the report and  and get all the tickets for the whole month?
> Somebody has to make himself comfortable with the database structure and
> create adequate sql statements.
> I would prefer, if *you* do it.  :^)
> If would be nice if you finally could provide your polished reports to
> rt-users.
> Helmut

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