[Rt-users] Allowing users to see certain tickets.

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If you want that someone just sees the ticket he owns you must check your rights that this user, or his group hasn't any rights on the queue or global.
He should not have see ticket rights.
After that you can set in that queue or globally for the owner group see ticket rights. So just the owner of a ticket sees the ticket.

For the manager, owner is the same thing, and what do you mean with tickets in his department? In one queue you could give just the manager see ticket rights on the hole queue.


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Hi I have googled and googled trying to find the solution to the problem I have and I have checked the lists and found two possible solutions namely:-



I have tried to bent them a little bit to fit my problem But the don't work.

I want each user to see the queue and the tickets that they own only and I want the manager to see the queue , the tickets that he/she owns and everybody's tickets in his department only so how do I do that?

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