[Rt-users] RT3 speed (or lack thereof)

Ruslan U. Zakirov cubic at acronis.ru
Fri Apr 16 09:52:09 EDT 2004

pdh at bestpractical.com wrote:
> Craig Schenk wrote:
>><A HREF="<% $RT::WebPath%>/Search/Listing.html?Bookmark=<%$session{'ti
>>%$session{'tickets_rows_per_page'}%>"><&|/l&>Bookmarkable URL for this
> OK, that definitely includes the bugfix Jesse and I have been
> talking about. So something else is afoot.
> Now, is the search failing in the same way for _any_ text in
> the address field? (In particular, does any particular char
> in the input -- such as the @ sign -- trigger the bug?)

Just few minutes ago one my friend report that he also see such errorr 
on any search. String isn't unescaped when comes to FreezThaw.
He's got 3.0.10, mod_perl, CGI-3.01.
			Best regards. Ruslan.
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