[Rt-users] Editing a Custom Field on Resolve

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Mon Apr 19 09:32:43 EDT 2004

Instead of use if $Defaultstatus use this:

if ($ARGS{'Status'} eq 'resolved') {

It will also work if you click reply and then change it to resolve.


P.S. When we discuss about the code, shouldn't it be on rt-devel? 

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As promised, here is a patch against 3.0.10 that will allow you to edit a Custom Field when you try to resolve a ticket. It only works if the default action is resolve. It won't work if you click reply and then change the status to resolve.

To use the patch, copy /path/to/rt3/share/html/Ticket/Update.html to /path/to/rt3/local/html/Ticket/Update.html. Apply the attached patch. Edit $CustomFieldName in the <%INIT> section to match the name of the Custom Field you want to display.

Hope this is helpful to people.

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