[rt-users] FreezeThaw error when doing a search

Ruslan U. Zakirov cubic at acronis.ru
Wed Apr 21 10:40:58 EDT 2004

Try this patch and send feedback please.
This patch doesn't solve similar problem with international(wide) chars 
in search requests.
		Best regards. Ruslan.

Parish, Brent wrote:
> Hi.
> I am seeing this error every time a user does a new search, or adds a new component to the search (refines it).
> I saw another post with the same error, but no resolution 
> ( http://lists.fsck.com/pipermail/rt-users/2004-March/022214.html ) 
> Strange I only see it during the search functions...  I made a bunch of changes within the period of a few days, so I can't be sure which introduced it.   The biggest changes were an upgrade from 3.0.9 to 3.0.10 and adding fastcgi.
> Does anyone know what this might be from?
> Thanks!
> Brent

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