[rt-users] Statistics for RT3

Aram Smith aram.smith at appiancorp.com
Wed Apr 21 15:51:43 EDT 2004

Yes that's it. Here's the link:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgrtreport/ Sorry for any confusion. At
that link there is a brief discussion regarding "win32" support, but it
doesn't appear there was ever a release. Thanks.

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Dear Aram,

I went looking for "rtstats 1.0.14" (or variations)
in freshmeat.net and sourceforge.net, was unsuccessful,
even when looking up under RT or "request tracker"

Is this the name of the package?  I see a py Request Tracker Report
which also is at version 1.0.14 ... is this it?


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On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Aram Smith wrote:

> I recently installed RT 3.0.10 on a Windows 2K server SP4. Its running
> well and I was hoping to integrate a reports/statistics function. In
> sourceforge I saw a download for rtstats 1.0.14 but only for UNIX. I
> also downloaded the reports\statistics gunzip from the bestpractical
> site and extracted it to the server, but when I go to the pages in my
> browser it looks like XML is not running properly or there is an
> application missing. Any chance anyone can point me in the right
> direction for installing the reporting function? Thanks,
> Aram Smith
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