[rt-users] ibdata/iblogs files grown to 4.5 gig

pdh at bestpractical.com pdh at bestpractical.com
Thu Apr 22 01:42:58 EDT 2004

Asif Iqbal wrote:
> I noticed my ibdata,ib_arch_log and iblog files together is over 4.5 gig
> and reached 95% of the disk partition. I have over 250 thousands tickets
> running on RT 3.0.9 in Solaris 8 and mysql 4.0.13 with mod_perl1 and
> Apache 1.x
> I send a request to take the RT training for June 14 at Washington,DC.
> However in the meantime I like to find a quick way to rotate the ibdata
> and log files if possible or clear it before my partition totally fills
> up


You might want to have a look at the InnoDB documentation at
http://www.innodb.com/ibman.php and familiarise yourself with
what those files actually are before you contemplate doing
anything with them...

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