[rt-users] Help with mysql tables rt2 -> rt3

Sebastian Flothow lists at flothow.de
Thu Apr 22 08:04:24 EDT 2004

Am 22. Apr 2004 um 03:27 Uhr schrieb Dave Dennis:
> mysql > use mysql;
> ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: 'root at localhost' to database 
> 'mysql'

It seems your MySQL permissions got hosed. To fix:

- Start mysqld with --skip-grant-tables. This will give everyone 
permission to do everything, so make sure that nobody but you can 
access the MySQL server during this stage (i.e., disconnect the machine 
from the network).
- Add an entry to the appropriate table in the mysql database, so that 
root has useful privileges again.
- "flush privileges" or restart mysqld without --skip-grant-tables, so 
that permissions are enforced again.
- Test and make sure that the permissions work as you expect.
- Reconnect the box to the network.

However, this is not an RT-related problem, so I'd suggest turning to a 
MySQL mailing list if you need more help.

> We are thinking of standing up a different mysql 4.0.17 server,
> tarring cvf /var/lib/mysql/mysql.tar /var/lib/mysql/mysql
> then tar xvf that same tarfile back on top of the existing
> mysql install with the fully configured rt3 .

Messing with table files manually seems like a BadIdea[tm] to me, 
unless you like broken and inconsistent data.


Sebastian Flothow
sebastian at flothow.de

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