[rt-users] Performance issues with reply

Steven Saner ssaner at hubris.net
Thu Apr 22 15:43:55 EDT 2004


We recently transitioned from RT-2.0.13 to RT-3.0.9. At the same time
we moved from a dual 450MHz machine with 512MB RAM to a 2.2GHz machine
with 1GB RAM. The move resulted in an overall decrease in
performance. I've read some other postings on this list that suggest
our experience is not unique. We are using a Postgres database backend
(resides on the same box as the web server). We have done some
database tuning and logging and I'm pretty confident that the database
is not the cause of the problem.

The action that seems to have the greatest delay is when replying to a
ticket. I enabled MasonX::Profiler to find where in the building of
the reply page the delay is occurring. It is pretty obvious that the
bulk of the delay is in /Elements/SelectOwner, which takes 7-8 seconds
to complete.

In our config there are 11 privileged users. However, the users table
in the database contains 5579 records. There are 15735 tickets in the
database. So I am assuming that when creating the Owner selection box
it is looping through all 5500+ user records to find which ones need to
be put in the list, thus explaining the 7-8 seconds it takes to
complete that component.

This procedure appears to be based on DBIx::SearchBuilder. I did
upgrade that to the newest version with no improvement. I have not yet
tried moving to RT-3.0.10.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the efficiency of this


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