[Rt-users] RT Mailgate issue..

Paulo Matos pjsm at fct.unl.pt
Thu Apr 22 16:49:21 EDT 2004

	Hi Eric, Helmut!

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Helmut Lichtenberg wrote:
> > 404 Not Found
> > This is /usr/local/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate exiting because of an undefined
> > server error at /usr/local/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate line 492, <> chunk 1.
> I spent days on this configuration with errors similiar like yours, but
> I don't remember in detail which error code was related to what.
> Another hint:
> You are using ssl, like I also do. One error disappeared (maybe yours),
> when I copied the ssl certificates also on the mail server (which is a
> separate machine in our case).

	I got the exact same problem you did Eric... I found out why after 
a while... And (in my case) it's a really stupid thing... the host was 
installed from scratch with a distro. By some automated stuff the hostname
appeared on /etc/hosts like: myhostname.domain.com myhostname localhost localdomain

So... whenever you ran the tool it connected to, not finding the 
file it was trying to access... (this behavior is controlled at 
/etc/host.conf, that usually is 'order hosts,bind').

It didn't tryied even to resolve the name through the DNS server... 
Solution: remove it from /etc/hosts.

Hope this is your case... if not, please report it and how to solve it...

	Paulo Matos
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