[rt-users] The requested URL /Listing.html was not found on this server

Carl Brewer carl at vivitec.com.au
Sun Apr 25 22:42:36 EDT 2004

Hello, I recently upgraded to 3.0.10 (from 3.0.8, I think!), and
also moved servers to a new box, so the exact culprit is hard
to determine.

Everything seems fine, except when we run a search with an added
field.  I can reproduce the exact error, but haven't been able to
determine if it has a wider scope than just a single case, as all my
attempts to produce a similar error work fine.  The error case is :

Type a keyword into search box on top right of page that won't return a
match in the default search criteria (status: open, subject LIKE "foo",
status: new)

This returns no matches, but goes to the advanced search page (correct)
Then select an additional status (in this case, "resolved")
That trips the following error :

Not Found
The requested URL /Listing.html was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.29 Server at foo.bar

Anyone else seen this, or is my installation of RT broken? :)


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