[rt-users] Background CSS is gone

Ruslan U. Zakirov cubic at acronis.ru
Tue Apr 27 09:44:49 EDT 2004

Asif Iqbal wrote:
> Hi Ruslan
> I noticed you have been very helpful to this community. Is there any
> helpful suggestion you might have on my issue? Sorry for sending you
> direct email. I have been sending email directly to the group but got no
> answer. I know I should not have any expectation from the mailing list
> since it is more like pro bono.
  You must do some debugging yourself. Info "mozilla is ok, IE isn't" is 
not enought. Logs! You should have logs on your system which are 
especialy for such issues, not only for wasting your hdd space.

1) Look into HTTPD access logs. Do your browser request css file when 
you reload your page.
2) If there is no access entry look into error. May be RT generate wrong 
link(can be).
3) Try to load css file in browser with direct URL.
4) Look into mozilla console, mozilla post warnings about css there too.
5) If your domain public(accesible in Internet) use CSS validator 
6) If everything above is fine and mozilla still use css normally, but 
IE not then you should try some forums about IE css compatibility and 
send them css files.

We use our own css and design so I can't help a lot with vanilla RT 
css/html layout. Also I didn't see such problems yet.

			Best regards. Ruslan.

> Thanks for your help
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> Subject: Re: [rt-users] Background CSS is gone
> Asif Iqbal wrote:
>>Asif Iqbal wrote:
>>>Hi All
>>>I upgraded my webrt from 3.0.9 to 3.0.10 and I don't think it is reading
>>>the css page when I use IE to read the webrt gui. Background is empty. Anyone else is
>>>experiencing it as well ?
>>I wonder if going back to 3.0.9 is the only option to fix the css style. 
> I noticed it my webrt site looks fine with Mozilla but not with IE (any
> version)
> Is there something changed may be with CSS definition on 3.0.10 ?
> Thanks

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