[rt-users] RT Runs VERY Slowly...

Stefan Leblanc sleblanc at radicalhorizon.com
Fri Apr 30 12:41:54 EDT 2004

:-) I think this is obviously not a normal operation mode for RT expept if, maybe, Jessy has a lot of actions in RAM business ;-)

And Steeve, the other one (not Steevo), you may want to be a little tolerant to ideas, specialy those none sense thoeories/ideas...  Because you could end up beeing into trouble some time, in such trouble then even silly ideas looks tempting :-)

BTW good luck !!  

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Hey Steve,

Well I've got 512MB ram in the system and about 10MB free and my Swap
partition is 1Gig with 1Gig free... so it seems that RT could be making use
of that extra space for mod_perl... the system used to be at 256MB and it
sucked all that up pretty quick...

I was just wondering!  :)


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> On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 09:06:45AM -0700, Stevo wrote:
> > Anything thing I noticed is that I have plenty of swap space and NONE of
> > it's being used...  is there a way to get mod_perl to utilize all that
> > swap?!!
> Uh, maybe I missed something, but why would you want mod_perl to use
> swap space if performance is the issue?  Unless you have a very
> interesting system your swap space is on disk which is many orders
> of magnitude slower than RAM.
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