[rt-users] RT Runs VERY Slowly...

Steve Wampler sbw at tapestry.tucson.az.us
Fri Apr 30 13:33:24 EDT 2004

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 09:28:11AM -0700, Stevo wrote:
> Hey Steve,
> Well I've got 512MB ram in the system and about 10MB free and my Swap
> partition is 1Gig with 1Gig free... so it seems that RT could be making use
> of that extra space for mod_perl... the system used to be at 256MB and it
> sucked all that up pretty quick...
(I came into this discussion late, so please let me know if this has
been covered!)

It's unlikely that letting mod_perl go into swap space is going to
help (most likely, things will slow down even more).   It is a little
surprising that nothing is being moved into swap if your free RAM is
so small, unless most of that is bufferspace.  What does 'free' show?
(Even better, what does 'cat /proc/meminfo' show?)

The problem is probably elsewhere and adding more memory (RAM or otherwise)
isn't likely to help.   512MB should be more than enough - RT on one of
my systems (with 512MB) takes up quite a bit less that what you're seeing
(typically a few dozen MB, except for buffers).

Good luck!
Steve Wampler     {sbw at tapestry.tucson.az.us}
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