[rt-users] Two discrete instances of RT / same server

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Fri Apr 30 13:57:19 EDT 2004

The easiest thing is to install RT multiple times, and
associated each rt install with a different fcgi process.
(And a different url or virtual host with each fcgi process.)

I have a somewhat fancier setup, in which I only need
a single RT install, but each fcgi process is passed
an environmental variable (specificed in the apache config)
that tells it where to look for the RT config file (and possible
local overlays).

This way, I can have multiple local configs (and gui changes,
etc) while having only one install of the RT core files.
Obviously these configs may or may not reference multiple mysql
databases. I did this mostly so I could run one apache server and
install RT once (with my own local mods that everyone must use) ,
yet give out different RT instances to different departments on
campus (each of which can be modified independently). As well, it
would be easy for me to keep a local config, and upgrade RT, just
mix and match.

The downside is that it requires a small patch to a couple files,
to read and act on the environment variable.  I had submitted
this patch many months ago, but it didn't seem to be of
general interest.  Ask me offline if you're interested in
more details.


>Dear List,
>In the interest of brevity does anybody have experience with
>standing up two apache <VirtualHost> each having an instance
>of RT running on the same server ?  We want to have a test-config
>instance, as well as our existing running instance.
>Seems like the safest thing would be two separate mysql backends,
>one running on a different port.  Is it possible instead to
>run both out of the same mysql, but rename 'rt3' to something else ?
>if we had a completely separate {RT} home dir and separate etc,
>separate Site_Config.pm, all referred by a second apache ..
>would things still break inside perl / mason somehow with shared
>caches ?
>Let me know if this would be feasable.  If it is and nobody wrote a howto
>yet I'd be willing to document steps taken and flush it out into a howto
>that would be wiki-usable.
>Kind regards,
>+ Dave Dennis
>+ Seattle, WA
>+ dmd at speakeasy.org
>+ http://www.dmdennis.com
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> spring and summer.
>Sign up early, as class space is limited. 

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