[rt-users] RT/apache eats 100% CPU on login

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Apr 30 14:32:21 EDT 2004

> >Googling for answers brings up lots of links that indicate that the
> >site had a disk crash.
> It is annoying that that isn't fixed yet, but the pages in the google 
> cache can still be useful.  Downloading and grepping the mailing list 
> archives is another possibility.  My P.S. contains a script for 
> downloading the archives.

Google appears to have fully reindexed the mailing list archives.

> P.S.  Since the mailing list archives don't seem to be very searchable 
> at the moment, here's a Perl script to download/mirror them locally.  
> Use zgrep, or gunzip and grep.

Please DO NOT use tools like this to suck down our entire list archives.
Use google. We pay for our bandwidth if we exceed our cap. The last time
some twit started regularly sucking down the whole mailing list
archives, we had to cap lists.bestpractical.com at 5k/sec, which just
frustrates people who are legitimately reading the archives.

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