[rt-users] RT-3.2.1 Problem - Can not go into Configuration page.

Nathan Tallack nathan at iseek.com.au
Sun Aug 1 18:05:47 EDT 2004

Hi there,

I just did what seemed to be a perfectly flawless upgrade from RT2 to

Everything went smoothly.  I used the RT2-3 conversion perl scripts to
dump the RT2 database out and reimport it to RT3.

I did a fresh install of RT3.2.1 onto another box, so that is where I
imported it to.  The fresh install went great, and everything looks
perfect after the import.  All my tickets and users are there.

Only there is one MAJOR problem.  No user, not even "root" or any other
"super users" can bring up the site's configuration page
http://rt3.domain.com/Admin when they click on the Configuration link on
the left hand menu pane.

All that happens is you get a brief pause for a few seconds, then you
get the same index.html page back.


All my perl dependencies are met.  Everything installed FLAWLESSLY.

Nothing is showing up in apache's error_log.  There are no files created
in the /opt/rt3/var/log/ directory.  NOTHING!!!  :(

Anyone have any idea's?

Thanks for your time.


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